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The Miracle of the White Horse

Immerse in a new vision of yourself by a natural relationship with the white horse

It is time for a change. Get in touch with the Magic of the White Horse. Experience stunning moments, peaceful nature a joyful and relaxing time for all ages . Spend some time with the beauties Siglavy and Conversano, touch them, groom them, play or walk with them or just observe and sit close to them…. they will give you that good feeling of well -beeing. In our Park you may live your emotions and discover something new. Therefore we invite you to come over with your family to get in touch with the famous Lipizzan horses in their natural environment, in a welcoming scenery. Lern more about horses, their positive energy , their amazing behavior, their needs and their way to comunicate . They are the mirrow of our inside and our soal. Beeing with a horse is true therapie, it is a pure, innocent world to discover. We wait to welcome you, to show you around… to get inspired for special moments. Discover what to do. Discover the Segret of Sissi ‘s Garden, feel home and Chill out for a little while. A warm Welcome from Conversano , Siglavy , Christine & Mario

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Horses as health therapy Horses can offer an extraordinary amount of emotional support. Beyond the horse-owner relationship experience, horses are used as health therapy to help us navigate challenging emotional experiences.